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American Loop Services We have installed commercial hearing loop systems from Wasilla Alaska to South Florida, From the Shores of Long Island to the Shores of California. All of our installations are done in accordance with the latest international standard for loops IEC 60118-4. The average church/house of worship can be done for about the cost of an average set of hearing aids. We can help develop a proposal for a commercial system remotely with our questionnaire and digital pictures. In addition to our in house staff, we have trained installers and audio companies in every region of the country.

To get started you may give us a call at 231-955-3636 or send an email to Here are a few questions that would help us get started with developing a proposal for your site:


1. Square footage and linear dimensions. Describe the area if it is non traditionally shaped (fan, octagon, etc.)

2. EMI- when using the field strength meter to measure for background EMI remember to have everything turned on in the area. Then if there is a high reading, trun things off one at a time to try to determine the source. Often times a high reading is the result of ballasts in florescent lights or a bad wiring ground in the panel.

3. Floor covering type- carpet , tile, etc. If there is different types, specify where (seating area, aisles, etc)

4. Location of the sound equipment- this is our terminal point and location of the loop equipment

5. Building construction type- concrete, brick, wood, etc.

6. Is there a basement or crawl space, any access under the floor?

7. Height of the ceiling? Are there any troughs around the perimeter? what height? What is in the troughs (mic lines, video, etc)?

8. Is the seating fixed or removable?

9. What type of music is played? Contemporary or traditional? Are there any dynamic mics on stage (typically only electric guitars have a dynamic mic)?

10. Is there a balcony and does it need looped?

Any other useful information or follow up questions may be added, this list is a base line starting point for the minimum information necessary. Digital pictures and video are always recommended.

Partial List of our Looped Facilities:

Chapman Cultural Center

Michigan House and Senate Galleries

First Presbyterian Church of Greeneville SC

Spokane Civic Theater

University Of Michigan: French Theater

First Baptist Church of Spartanburg SC

Grand Valley State University

First Baptist Church of Woodruff SC

Howmet Playhouse

Fellowship Reformed, Big Rapids MI



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